Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Advantages That Come With Using Waterproof Labels


It is common for people to confuse product labelling with product packaging. The former is concerned with relaying information about the product to the customer. The latter is about brand’s logo, colors, and other similar things. We can say that product labelling is a part of product packaging. There are different types of product labels such as polyester labels, prototype labels, vinyl labels, custom product labels, etc. In this blog, we will talk about waterproof labels and why they are considered some of the best product labels in the market. Let’s get started.


Once a product is developed, packaged, and affixed with a label, it is sent out to the market. Throughout its journey from the place of manufacture to the final store, it gets exposed or can get exposed to a variety of conditions such as heat, moisture, cold, corrosive brine water, etc. If the label is waterproof and solid, it will easily endure all these conditions. If it is not, it won’t take much time for it to degrade in quality.

Attaches To Anything

A label will be considered top-quality only if it attaches strongly to any surface for a long time. The great thing about waterproof labels is that they can be affixed to any surface or item in any changed condition. Not matter how greasy the surface gets later on, it won’t affect the bonding capacity of the waterproof label. As soon as the waterproof label settles on an area, it stops the area from sucking oil or water.

Amazing Legibility

What would be the point of using a label if it can’t be read easily? Waterproof labels, whether under any topcoat or the ink itself, shows the written part in a clear, glossy manner. Images are easily detectable and even the smallest fonts become easily readable in waterproof labels.

If interested, you can get waterproof labels for your products made from some top industrial printing companies online. Not just waterproof labels, you can also get metalphoto, anodized aluminum labels, mylar labels, QR code labels, weatherproof labels, and custom product labels made from some reputable printing companies online.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

4 Things to Ensure to Get Impressive Custom Adhesive Labels for Your Product


Labels have been an integral part of the business world since years. While most of these labels include the brand name, not all make the same impact. While ordering custom adhesive labels, it is important to focus on the design part as it is the only thing that will help you in the long run.

Here are some things to ensure to get impressive custom labels for your product:

They should radiate professionalism

According to your product and the industry you belong to, there might be a certain way in which you communicate with your audience. While you may remember to consider that tone with most of the things, you may miss it with the label. Make sure to keep your label in sync with it. It should look professional and radiate the right vibe.

They should provide the product an identity

A label is not just an informative copy, it should give your product an identity that stays in the user’s mind. While carefully designed labels with the brand name clearly visible will keep them hooked, generic-looking custom adhesive labels can send them away. So, you should make sure to place the brand name and logo right.

They should be eye-catchy

A label can make or break a product. Your consumers should be able to connect with the product at the very first glance. This is another important tip that will help you quickly clear the stock. You should keep the logo as attractive as possible, apart from keeping it informative and designing it to serve your branding purposes.

They should advertise for your company

Advertising for your product through the label is something everyone does. Only a few show the smartness to incorporate the company name in addition to the brand name in a way that catches attention. It should be done at the very initial stage of design as you’re not supposed to change the label too frequently.

Designing a label requires a lot of research and precision. It is an important part of packaging that needs to be done right. The above tips will help you with the same.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

3 Tips On Making Your Custom Product Labels Stand Out


No matter how long you have been in business, making your brand stand out is imperative to increase the consumer base and boost sales. Fortunately, there is an incredible way that helps organizations to create a buzz in the market and give their competitors a real challenge - custom product labels.

Creating prominent product labels not only intrigues your current consumers but also attracts new customers to give your brand a try, which eventually reflects in your profit margin. If you are wondering how you can level up your marketing game with custom labels, here are our few suggestions that will certainly help you brand your products:

Create your brand color

Do you know how the most recognized brands were able to create their name worldwide? With the play of colors! If you observe closely, most popular brands have either single or a combination of two colors. Even when they revise their label design, they ensure the brand colors remain the same. That’s because when customers get familiar with color or a combination of colors, it becomes easier for them to spot the brand even from a distance.

Go for a distinctive label shape

Conventional label shape sparks no excitement among consumers because they are used to the same old label shape. If you want your customers to pick your products from shelves, ensure the labels are of distinctive shapes like a teardrop or a star. Whenever you get in touch with a reputed label printing company for custom product labels, ask their experts whether or not they offer custom die-cut printing solutions.

Break the monotony with designs

Custom product labels allow brands to let their creativity into play. You will find several companies that use unconventional designs to attract customers and upscale the business. Winemakers, for instance, impress their customers with scenic prints on their wine bottle labels. Some companies also bring the vintage look back to evoke nostalgia among consumers and fascinate the new generation.

If you need more suggestions on creating outstanding product labels, we suggest meeting with the experts. Get in touch with a custom product label printing company at once. 

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Everything You Need To Know About UL Labels


Have you ever come across labels on a computer system, manufacturing machines, or any other electrical appliance? The possibility of that label has one of the safety marks, such as UL Certified Labels, CSA, or different kinds of labels, is exceptionally high. But, what do these labels signify? Why are they so important? 

From an end-user perspective, the safety and quality of their electrical devices are essential to them. These are some crucial attributes for those operating those appliances directly. Considering the safety standards and regulations, let us understand what UL Labels are and their types?

What Are UL Labels?

An appliance or any product with a UL mark signifies that it is tested and certified to a certain UL standard. Likewise, all the labels, including the UL mark, have been tested and approved under the UL 969 label and marking standard. The federal legislation does not require UL certification in the United States. It implies to consumers that their electrical product is compliant with rigorous safety standards, guidelines, and specifications highlighted by UL. 

Types Of UL Labels

UL labels can be classified as follows -

1. UL Listed - it indicates that the appliance has been certified towards the safety guidelines recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

2. UL Classified - It signifies that the product meets the stringent standards created by UL but not recognized by OSHA. 

3. UL Certified Labels - It has slowly but eventually bridged the gap between the first two, UL listed and UL classified. Also known as the enhanced mark, accompanied with a 2D bar code or a smart mark, can be scanned by end-users to access the safety standards that the product has been tested and certified for.  

UL directly works with end-users to allocate the appropriate label category for their electrical products. Every type of label requires UL-accepted construction. A construction mentions the details of the label, including printing processes, substrate inks, decorative finishes, application of the specific product, and manufacturing location.

There are various methods of printing UL labels. You can avail of digital print, screenprint, flexography, or thermal print. UL labels must be long-lasting, robust, and durable. It depends majorly on the product that needs the label. Anodized aluminum, polycarbonate plastic, and vinyl are a few of the most durable materials. Polyester and vinyl are often preferred for electronic components or devices. 

Data Graphics is here to help you learn more about UL-approved labels and recommend you the one that’s most appropriate for your product. We also guide you with the printing process according to your labeling requirements. Reach out to us for a quote on your label. 

Friday, 9 April 2021

3 Essential Tips On Creating Instructional And Warning Plates


When it comes to creating instructional and warning plates, you have to be careful. As these tags and plates are meant to help people and keep them safe, it’s best to consider custom metal photo printing to etch, engrave, or digitally print instructions and warnings on metal substrates. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while creating these plates; read them below:

Location of the tags

Before you begin your project with a reputed printing company, determine the purpose of tags - where are you planning to mount them, what will be their size and shape be, and lastly, what message you want on the plates. You may also need to figure out the right size and font of letters on the plates. Taking these factors into consideration helps you make an informed decision.

Potential exposures

The last thing you want is to install tags that won’t last a month. After determining the location, figure out the potential factors these plates will be exposed to - such as harsh weather conditions, rough usage, and hazardous chemicals. Constant exposure to such elements usually deteriorates the quality of the material used to create the plates and tags. Therefore, you may need to choose a material that will last long despite rough environmental conditions.  


Instructional and warning plates should be easy to read. Besides choosing proper fonts and font sizes, be sure to mount them at a height high enough to be read easily. As people rely on warnings and instructions, particularly in emergencies, you must make a careful, thoughtful decision; otherwise, they may misunderstand what is written and put themselves in risky situations.

Custom metal photo printing is the best printing solution for instructional and warning plates and tags. With metal as a base material, they last for years, even under harsh conditions. Besides, you get an option to engrave, digitally print, screenprint, or etch your messages or instructions.

Get in touch with printing professionals to know more about custom metal photo printing and get answers to your every query.  

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

How Custom Industrial Labels Boost Marketing Strategies


When it comes to marketing a product, all we think about is maintaining a social media presence and investing dollars in outdoor advertising. But are they enough to make your brand name stand out from the crowd? Absolutely not! Perhaps the reason why your products go unseen on a shelf is that it’s not impressive enough to catch a consumer’s attention.

Most individuals overlook items that don’t have an appealing label. Believe it or not, an attractive industrial label - designed using captivating colors, beautiful fonts, and an eye-catching logo - draws customer attention. Besides, customers often doubt the product quality of a brand that pays the least attention to the packaging.

If you are still wondering whether industrial labels impact the business sale or not, find below how an appealing label boosts marketing strategies and upscales your business.

Make Your Product Stand Out Of The Crowd

Unless your product’s design and packaging attractive enough, attracting customers will always be a Herculian task for your brand. Do you know most customers spend only two to three seconds to decide whether they want to buy a particular product or not? If your product doesn’t look appealing, chances are customers will overlook and stretch their hands for another brand. When you want your brand name to get noticed, the only solution is to get in touch with reputed industrial label printers and invest in enticing labels.

Customer Engagement

An appealing label isn’t enough to get easily highlighted. A customer may pick your product from the shelf, but the chances of putting it back are highly likely. The solution? Engage consumers with the product label. It should have all information that an individual is looking for, like a list of ingredients in an easy-to-read font. Apart from this, you have to come up with something that other brands are not offering. An intriguing backstory, perhaps, is an excellent way to capture curious customers' attention. Consider investing in recycled material to show how much your brand is concerned about the environment and wants to save it.

These were a couple of ways to boost your marketing strategies using custom labels. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, get in touch with one of the reputed industrial label printers right away!

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Polyester Or Polycarbonate: Which Label Material Should You Choose?


Material selection is essential when it comes to product tags, labels, overlays, and plates. While plenty of materials, from vinyl to mylar, are available in the market, most companies narrow down their choices to polyester and polycarbonate. Though both the materials are immensely used for numerous applications, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we have shed some light on these pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


What a business wants the most? A durable solution! While polycarbonate could withstand harsh environmental conditions, polyester often wins the case when it comes to durability. Continual flexing on polycarbonate could results in the formation of cracks and fractures due to stress. Polyester, on the other hand, endures continual stress and abuse from harsh chemicals and acids. For these reasons, mylar, which is a polyester film, is highly used in the medical and appliance industries.

Texture and finish

Polyester is a preferred choice when durability is the concern. But when it comes to textures and finishes, polycarbonate has the edge. In any business, design is an important factor to consider. Unless there are clarity and vibrant colors in designs, competing with competitors becomes difficult for more business owners. So if you want to use labels, graphics, or overlays only for their appearance, choosing polycarbonate over polyester is a smart choice.


In terms of production cost, polyester is more expensive than polycarbonate. But when you want to save money in the long run, polyester is an appropriate choice. Although polycarbonate is easy to process and print, it cannot withstand chemical and environmental conditions for long as compared to polyester.

These were a few advantages and disadvantages of polyester and polycarbonate. Now, you can choose the suitable material for your labels and overlay needs. Whether you are looking for Laxen (polycarbonate) labels or Mylar(polyester) labels for sale, find a reputed and reliable printing company for custom printing solutions.