Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UL Approved Labels for Certifying Safety Standards of Different Applications

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is an independent safety organization that has been testing products for consumer safety. Once the certification process by UL is performed, it provides a label over the tested product to mark that it is safe for consumers. UL has designated different label materials for different surfaces in which the products are manufactured. Many companies have been authorized by UL to produce UL Approved Labels for various product surfaces. They are printing labels in two types as

    Type R: It requires a stamped composition drawing or classification/listing mark data page.
    Type L: It requires an authorization order from UL with serial or issue/lot numbers

In addition to this, you can also get PGDQ2 or UL 969 compliant labels from these companies. Mostly, the labels are used in military, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications and aerospace industries. Also, component suppliers and manufacturers of UL approved products can get their labels printed from these companies. The labels are printed on different types of materials as approved by UL such as aluminum, metalphoto, vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester and many more. In general, industrial labels are printed in three forms as custom labels, roll labels and safety labels.


Based on the surface of your application or product, you can get in touch with different companies for label printing. Most of them are contactable through their websites.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Polycarbonate Labels Are Industry Specific Products And Comes From The Best Industrial Printing Facility

Industrial safety labels or custom labels are crucial for an organization to keep intact its vitality, especially when the work concerns manufacturing of some of the most delicate equipment. With the companies with a wide variety demanding labels to withstand harsh elements, the polycarbonate labels were introduced.


Polycarbonate labels made of thermoplastic polymers are probably the best option available on the market today. Extensively used in the aerospace, medical, OEM manufacturing, telecommunications, and military industries, these labels are designed to last forever. Below, are the advantages of polycarbonate labels.

●    Can be stuck or placed on hardware and equipment
●    Can withstand harsh outdoor environments
●    Are resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals
●    Contain die-cut characteristics and optical properties

Polycarbonate labels, a type of high-end Industrial safety labels, are the best recommended warning and safety labels that can be customized according to an industry’s requirements. You can get them printed digitally or you can go for screen printing, flexo printing, or hot stamp printing. There are a range of ways to get polycarbonate labels printed.

Choose a trusted company to print custom safety labels for your organization.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Find the Perfect Custom Printing Solutions - Best Service All Over Florida

Any print job where the width of the project is between 18” to 100” has to be through wide format printing, also called Large Format printing. For customized printing solutions and digital printing on polycarbonate, styrene, canvas, acrylic, wood, PVC, sheetrock, aluminum composite, coroplast signs and any other material, benefit from custom aluminum label printer; currently the leading large format printers in the market.

Types of Printing Service:
Large Format Printers for Rigid Substrate - Type of printers that provide rigid direct-to-substrate printing up to 48” x 96” by 2” thick - sheets of plywood. Most corporate offices require this type of service to use coroplast signs as full color yard signs, window and sidewalk signs, promotional and event signs, or real estate and campaign signs.

Large Format Printers for Flexible Substrate - The type of printers provide flexible direct-to-substrate printing up to 30” wide as long as you want it to be, which makes it ideal for large banner printing. Businesses and traders usually avail the service of such printers for small run/large run custom banners, event banners, advertisements etc.
Get your custom large format painting via quality printers providing a value for money and versatile printing options, with 60% more speed.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Need Asset Tags? Use Custom Printed Asset Tags From This Popular Source

Widely popular all over the world, asset tags are identification tags that are attached to assets, both movable and fixed. Demanded for useful life identification, inventory control, “work-in-process” (WIP), and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) tagging, asset tags are of great benefit for businesses and organizations. Renowned for accurate recording and monitoring moveable assets as they move throughout an organization, asset tags are sought after in health care, education, warehouse, defense, and numerous other sectors. Highly profitable, asset tags with built-in security features like tamper-evident asset tags are of massive benefit for organizations looking forward to keeping enhanced control over assets.

Do you want to purchase asset tags for identification, controlling, and tracking your valuable assets? If you are thinking about it, then investing in asset tags would be a good decision, go ahead and visit the site of Data Graphics Inc., without further ado! A celebrated name in the business, Data Graphics Inc. is the Best Metal Asset Tag Printer for custom metal asset tags, serialized metal asset labels, and variable data metal inventory tags. Renowned for offering award winning quality, speedy delivery, custom printing, adherence to security and confidentiality, and numerous other benefits, Data Graphics is the preferred choice of clients for availing custom asset tags printer services.

Want to know more about Data Graphics and the custom asset tags printer service it provides? Go ahead and check the website without further ado! Rest assured, you are making the right decision!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Hassle-Free Industrial Safety Labels in Every Shape, Size, and Color

There’s a law of liability associated with industrial safety that is progressively being applied to industrial premises. Essentially it revolves around how to warn people about potential hazards that exist on your work space or in your area, you have a duty to warn or help people regarding those hazards and how they can avoid them.

Data Graphics has been helping product manufacturers for nearly twenty years now to create legally ‘satisfactory’ warnings that use the latest standards based criteria to accomplish the manufacturer’s duty to warn effectively. What’s new is that the industrial safety labels for facility safety signs have now evolved to include the same label principles that have governed control panel labels for the past two decades, which means it’s time to update your facility for safety signage.

From small companies for individuals to the bulk demands of big businesses, Data Graphics is equipped to handle and fulfill control panel labels, product stickers and industrial safety labels of all types. Best of all, as the name implies, Data Graphics provides an exceptionally quick turnaround for all your printing needs. They use state-of-the-art printing technology to provide affordable, full-fledged custom labels and stickers of all shapes and sizes.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Get Custom Aluminum Labels Of High Quality

A label is the identification of a product. Be it a tool or a pen, every product requires labeling so that it can be differentiated from the other. Making one’s product range stand out of the crowd is not that easy. However, it is the use of proper labels that makes this complicated task a little simple. If you are looking forward to labeling your machines, make sure you choose aluminum labels for the same. Widely used in any form of environment, aluminum labels are quite popular because of their lightweight, rugged making, and weather resistance. Immensely sought after for instruction plates, license plates, water signage, legend plates, and countless other applications, aluminum labels do not crack, chip, or peel off like other materials.

Would you like to get custom aluminum labels printed? If so, make Data Graphics Inc. your ultimate destination to get your labels made. A renowned AS 9100, ISO 9001, UL Approved aluminum label maker, Data Graphics Inc. is equipped with a series of efficient machines that helps in printing the labels in superior quality. The preferred choice of clients for custom roll labels, Data Graphics Inc. is a well-recognized company that has earned the reputation of being the top-quality aluminum label maker.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, check their site and get in touch with the professionals right away!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Contact Data Graphics Inc. To Get Industrial Safety Labels

Safety labels are widely sought-after for communicating safety as well as hazard information on products and machinery. Every industry should look forward to making use of safety labels so that the workers or customers can be warned about risky areas or products & machines. Having proper signage and labeling everywhere around the workplace not only informs others but also plays a major role in preventing mishaps. If you too have been looking for industry safety labels for your workplace, make it a point to choose safety signal words that are short, but effective. In addition to the same, remember that it would be important to pay attention to having the nature of the hazards, their consequences, and measures to avoid the hazards described on the safety labels. As far as finding a source is concerned, know that you can place your trust in Data Graphics Inc.

Backed by years of experience in the field, Data Graphics Inc. is a premium industrial printing company that caters to the varied demands of numerous industries. Formed in the year of 1984, Data Graphics Inc. strives to fulfill the diverse demands of medical, aerospace, military, OEM, and telecommunications industries in the best way possible. So, whether you want to print industry safety labels or UL labels, rest assured Data Graphics Inc. would be the best name to contact.

Want to know more about this leading company? Check the site now!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Need Polycarbonate Labels For Your Industry Requirements? Check This Post Now

Polycarbonate, which is a group of thermoplastic polymers, is widely sought after for graphic overlay applications. The reason polycarbonate is tremendously in demand for making control panels, labels, graphic overlays, nameplates and others, is because of its cost-effectiveness. Popular for its superior heat and puncture resistance and mechanical strength, polycarbonate is best to be used when you need labels that can resist numerous harsh elements. Be it exposure to high temperatures or explosions, polycarbonate can withstand all. Being easily printable, an excellent electric insulator, clear, and thermally stable, makes polycarbonate the perfect option for making labels for representing warnings, hazards, logos, product identification, instructions, etc.

Are you looking forward to utilizing printed polycarbonate labels for serving your medical business requirements? If so, Data Graphics Inc., can help you get the best quality polycarbonate labels as per your specific needs. Backed by 25 years of rich experience in making polycarbonate labels, this Mount Dora-based graphics company in the northeast of Orlando is the preference many. Be it the big names of aerospace, OEM manufacturing, telecommunications or the military sector, all rely on Data Graphics Inc., to provide them with dimensionally stable, durable, and clear polycarbonate labels. Catering to the variegated graphic overlay requirements of its prestigious clients in the past few years, has earned the company a matchless reputation in the field. So, if you want polycarbonate labels of supreme quality, learn that there’s no need for you to go elsewhere!

To know more about polycarbonate labels, check the site now!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Why Should You Choose Metal Asset Tags Printer Services

Asset tagging is a smart and effective way to increase an organization’s productivity and reduce service costs as it provides an effective way to keep track of the office equipment, gadgets and other items. Beyond the obvious, it can potentially help an organization save millions of dollars.

A smartly implemented tagging program is potentially the best way to enhance productivity. Here’s why:

-Smart cost-cutting by minimizing theft, loss or equipment breakdown
-Ensures regular product service
-More accurate asset tracking
-Accurate overview of corporate assets

Among the popular tagging options, metal tags are deemed special due to their durability and appearance. Metal asset tags are tamper-resistant and tamper-evident, and thus cannot be removed and replaced, and will indicate any attempts to do so. But it’s important to find unsurpassed metal asset tags printer services to produce the right results and fulfill the purpose. 

A provider with high standards of inventory asset production and faster service would be a good choice to avoid future troubles. Some of the printing services offer customized services that have 100% inspection rates to eliminate any drawbacks whatsoever.

Besides tagging, industrial labels are an intrinsic part of industrial assets used to clearly identify assets for maintenance or operational purposes. Investing in labels that will see the test of time is a much better choice than going lean and regretting later.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Get Industrial Overlays to Make Your Machines Look Attractive

All the appliances, electronic equipment, automobiles, medical instruments, industrial equipment and computer hardware are covered with a protective coating known as overlays to keep them safe and rustproof. Industrial overlays are used to aid the workers to carry out various operations using different kinds of labels in various colors, texts, lines and patterns on the equipment. They are manufactured in polyester with scratch resistant coatings that can withstand harsh industrial environments. Some of the manufacturers also use polycorbonate or vinyl films to make overlays. The surface finishes of the industrial overlays can be prepared in different types such as velvet, matte, anti glare or glossy. Having a good surface finish is vital for the overlays as they provide the right look and feel as well as a perfect operator to machine interface to the equipment. In addition to this, you need to put safety labels or stickers on the machinery in compliance with OSHA regulations that provide caution to the workers handling them. These labels can be screen printed, digitally printed, flexo printed, or hot stamp printed on the life-threatening devices.

You can order industrial overlays and industrial safety labels for your company from different online dealers who are manufacturing them according to ISO and AS9100 Standards.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Best Reasons To Opt For UL Approved Labels

Third party certifications provide an unbiased safety assurance to the manufacturers as well as the customers of a certain range of products. When it comes to the certifications by UL or Underwriters Laboratories, it ensures a higher degree of quality of the products because it is the best known organization for product safety at the global level. UL sets the quality and safety standards for products under a variety of categories.

When your products have been approved by UL, you should get in touch with a reliable custom label manufacturer to design the UL approved labels for your business. That way, your products would be able to stand out with full listing and compliance which would make it possible for customers to identify them and choose them over similar products that do not have those necessary certifications.

The UL label further serves as a symbol of quality and reliability - the two most important factors that play a major role in attracting more customers and ensuring that they stay loyal. So, if your products have passed all levels of quality check by UL and have been able to touch the ideal standard mark, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make those products say so for themselves and that happens best with the UL labels.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Custom Label

A label is primarily used for branding purpose, to identify the packaging and ensure that it is not tampered in most of the difficult circumstances during the period of transit.
Labels are used extensively in pharmaceuticals and FMCG industries to authenticate the sanctity and originality of products. They are also used to prevent the violation of any warranty terms in gadgets. Therefore, it is very essential to get a high quality custom label for any business.
Here are few important points you need to ponder over before choosing a custom label manufacturer.
  • First and foremost, find a manufacturer who is well experienced and equipped to print your label in the required material, in the exact way as it is designed to look.
  • If you have a UL approved Label, look for a manufacturer who is authorized and well equipped to print UL efficiently.
  • As per the conditions, your packaging has to face risks like temperature or transit conditions, choose the quality and type of adhesive to ensure the label sticks on the packaging through the desired time frame.
  • If you want a sticker to last for years, like the ones used to prevent warranty tampering, choose an adhesive which can last for years.
Labels play a big part in defining your business. Make sure that they are always made with precision and are of high quality.