Monday, 2 December 2019

How Tamper Evident Label and Packaging Printing Can Help Your Business?

Tamper-evident packaging (TEP) or labeling helps businesses across several industry verticals with its numerous benefits. The most significant benefit TEP is the security, ensuring whatever you are printing cannot be tampered with. If your company offers products that come with a warranty or your own pharmaceutical industry, the tamper-evident labeling is a requisite need of the hour. The tamper-proof stickers can help you in avoiding any unnecessary costs incurred by providing the repairs under warranty in the cases when the consumer has voided the warranty. In the market, you will find two different types of labels depending upon your requirements and need for security. The first one resists tampering while the second type of label completely discourages tampering, making it is impossible to make any changes. 

Sometimes security packaging or ordinary labeling isn’t enough, but a tamper-evident label can be all you need to add an extra layer of security that your product needs. Customer recognition of tampering requires the company to label its product that is capable of showing the damage when disrupted. Additionally, labels with product authentication markings have been option manufacturers have used for years. Tamper evident stickers or labels are designed and manufactured in a way that clearly shows that sticker has been tampered with. Mostly these labels are placed across the product openings or outer shell. 

In order to get the best labels assuring the security of the product, you need to get in touch with the renowned company offering quality tamper proof labels printing services. So, if you want to get include labels in your products that resist tempering, then you must start looking for a supplier now. 

Sunday, 3 November 2019

4 Common Types of Assets that Need Asset Tags

Asset tags are an excellent way to keep track of your assets and manage an inventory. However, not every asset requires a tag, contrary to what most business owners believe. Generally, equipment that is critical to the business operation and those with a higher risk of theft or damage need asset ID tags

In this blog, you are going to learn about the most common types of assets that need asset tags:

Computers and peripherals: These include desktops, monitors, laptops, external hard drives, and many others that are crucial for business processes. By tagging and tracking them, you can see the big picture and make buying decisions based on how they are used.

AppliancesCommon appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, water heaters, dishwashers, and others may require asset ID tags depending on their usage. Most of these appliances have a considerable cost and require specific maintenance. Tagging them can help your account for costs, depreciation, and inform you when maintenance is necessary.

Office items: Capital equipment such as phones, TVs, printers, and conference items also require asset tags for accounting and tax.

Machines, equipment, and toolsThese include turbines, hydraulic power units (HPUs), transformers, power tools, medical devices, jacks, and several others. Almost all of them are crucial for day-to-day industrial operations. 

Bottom Line
For businesses, keeping track of their items with asset ID tags is as important as operations, which is why getting quality tags from reputable printers and suppliers is critical. 

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Combat Counterfeiting Security with Custom Tamper Evident Security Labels

From pharmaceutical to retail and other industries, companies are now making use of tamper evident security labels in order to ensure better monitoring and tracking of their assets. These labels provide visual evidence of removal attempts by leaving texts or break into many pieces if an attempt to remove them is made. This makes it obvious, whether somebody has interfered with them or not. Apart from their asset-tracking capabilities, tamper evident labels are also known to cut down costs.

Why Choose Custom Security Labels Over Stock Options
There are multiple stock labeling options available out there. However, you should not rely on them, especially if you’re offering products under warranty. This can significantly hamper your security and increase unnecessary expenses. Instead, you should go for custom labels, tailored to suit your unique requirements. Normal stickers can be tampered with or without leaving any trace, whereas good quality custom tamper evident stickers make it nearly impossible to not leave a trace.

Partner With An Experienced Label Printer For Quality Tamper Evident Labels
Partnering with a reputable tamper proof labels printing company that has a diverse portfolio of different types, allow you to get quality tested labels, designed and manufactured to be perfect for your application. Customization options available in security labels include but are not limited to:

  • Size, Shape, Color
  • Spacing
  • Positioning
  • Corner types
  • Print technology
  • Ink type
  • Liner, Notches and Sense Marks
  • Protective clear coats
  • Lamination

Adding a layer of security to your products and business can sometimes be as simple as applying a label. Don’t overlook it! Get the best quality labels from a reputable tamper-proof label printing company and combat counterfeiting.