Sunday, 6 October 2019

Combat Counterfeiting Security with Custom Tamper Evident Security Labels

From pharmaceutical to retail and other industries, companies are now making use of tamper evident security labels in order to ensure better monitoring and tracking of their assets. These labels provide visual evidence of removal attempts by leaving texts or break into many pieces if an attempt to remove them is made. This makes it obvious, whether somebody has interfered with them or not. Apart from their asset-tracking capabilities, tamper evident labels are also known to cut down costs.

Why Choose Custom Security Labels Over Stock Options
There are multiple stock labeling options available out there. However, you should not rely on them, especially if you’re offering products under warranty. This can significantly hamper your security and increase unnecessary expenses. Instead, you should go for custom labels, tailored to suit your unique requirements. Normal stickers can be tampered with or without leaving any trace, whereas good quality custom tamper evident stickers make it nearly impossible to not leave a trace.

Partner With An Experienced Label Printer For Quality Tamper Evident Labels
Partnering with a reputable tamper proof labels printing company that has a diverse portfolio of different types, allow you to get quality tested labels, designed and manufactured to be perfect for your application. Customization options available in security labels include but are not limited to:

  • Size, Shape, Color
  • Spacing
  • Positioning
  • Corner types
  • Print technology
  • Ink type
  • Liner, Notches and Sense Marks
  • Protective clear coats
  • Lamination

Adding a layer of security to your products and business can sometimes be as simple as applying a label. Don’t overlook it! Get the best quality labels from a reputable tamper-proof label printing company and combat counterfeiting.

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