Thursday, 3 January 2019

Affordable Custom Large Prints For You T-Shirts And More

Large printers help with full print jobs or custom large format printing services. A growth chart printed on a large format printer is between the length of 18" and 100". These printers do the job when most commercial printers are unable to do the job. These printers can churn out many kinds of banners, maps, diagrams, and charts. A large format printer has the dimensions of 24" to 16". These devices often are featured in many international trade shows. Custom large format printers used for printing on fabric, T-shirts are the very ones that make graphic tees.

Custom Large Format Printing

               Custom Large Format Printing
Getting The Largest Detailed Print
Custom large printingin the most detailed print is the point of wide printers. Super-Wide printers also print billboards and gigantic movie posters. But for signboards, posters, and road-signs these print on polycarbonate, styrene, canvas, acrylic, wood, PVC, and sheetrock giving marvelous resolution and stunning prints. You can go ahead with a substrate printing process that covers and coats your vinyl and canvas with a quality coating.
Fujifilm's Acuity Advance Select Flatbed UV Printer
The Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select Arizona Flatbed is a versatile printer with eight color models. It comes in the standard 1.2x2.5m bed or with the upgraded 3.05x2.5m bed. The double-sized models have been named the HD4224 and HD4226. You can fit two or more color channels to upgrade the model. However, you cannot enhance the flatbed dimension. So the 1.2x2.5m HD4004 can be upgraded to a HD4006 or HD4008, but not to the 3.05x2.5m HD4226 or HD4228. For an entry-level model, the four-color printer is the best for custom large format printing.

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