Thursday, 18 July 2019

Printing Options A High Quality Aluminum Label Maker Should Have

Sure, custom aluminum labels are easy to work with besides being durable and effective in a wide range of practical uses. But if the right printing methodology isn’t incorporated with a custom aluminum label printer, they may not meet your expectation of quality.
To ensure that aluminum labels last longer and withstand even the harshest conditions, working with a label maker who uses the best aluminum label making technique is vital. We’ve mentioned the most common and effective printing options that your label maker should have:
  • Screen Printing: considered the most common technique, it’s excellent if vivid colors and relatively simple design is what you want in aluminum labels. Labels made using screen printing maintain their colors and appearance for years. That said, it’s important to use a fade-resistant ink for screen printed aluminum labels.
  • Digital printing: though it’s rarely used by custom aluminum labels printers, it can create full-color, photo quality labels in minimal time. Among industry professionals, it’s considered a specialized application because the material to be printed needs to be specially prepared. You can use it for making logos, signage, custom license plates, and colorful displays.
  • Metal photo®Developing: technically, it’s not a printing method but photo developing on specialized aluminum labels. The reason for its prevalence in printing industry is that it captures gradient, fading, and the finest detail. Moreover, labels made using this technique are remarkably impervious to UV rays, chemicals, abrasion, saltwater, heat, cold, and other harsh elements.
  • Laser etching: it’s not just a printing method but a necessity for every custom aluminum labels printer. It utilizes a precise, computer-guided laser that etches the message on metals by removing the top layer.
  • Engraving: custom labels made using engraving method are the most durable labels, as per industry experts. Rather than removing the top layer of aluminum labels, as is the case in laser etching, the message is engraved into the aluminum surface that stays there forever. 
  • Bottom line: If you are looking for custom aluminum label printer for your label needs, make sure you choose the one who uses most of the printing options.

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