Friday, 9 April 2021

3 Essential Tips On Creating Instructional And Warning Plates


When it comes to creating instructional and warning plates, you have to be careful. As these tags and plates are meant to help people and keep them safe, it’s best to consider custom metal photo printing to etch, engrave, or digitally print instructions and warnings on metal substrates. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while creating these plates; read them below:

Location of the tags

Before you begin your project with a reputed printing company, determine the purpose of tags - where are you planning to mount them, what will be their size and shape be, and lastly, what message you want on the plates. You may also need to figure out the right size and font of letters on the plates. Taking these factors into consideration helps you make an informed decision.

Potential exposures

The last thing you want is to install tags that won’t last a month. After determining the location, figure out the potential factors these plates will be exposed to - such as harsh weather conditions, rough usage, and hazardous chemicals. Constant exposure to such elements usually deteriorates the quality of the material used to create the plates and tags. Therefore, you may need to choose a material that will last long despite rough environmental conditions.  


Instructional and warning plates should be easy to read. Besides choosing proper fonts and font sizes, be sure to mount them at a height high enough to be read easily. As people rely on warnings and instructions, particularly in emergencies, you must make a careful, thoughtful decision; otherwise, they may misunderstand what is written and put themselves in risky situations.

Custom metal photo printing is the best printing solution for instructional and warning plates and tags. With metal as a base material, they last for years, even under harsh conditions. Besides, you get an option to engrave, digitally print, screenprint, or etch your messages or instructions.

Get in touch with printing professionals to know more about custom metal photo printing and get answers to your every query.  

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