Monday, 5 September 2016

Consider Your Needs Before You Order Print Fixed Asset Tags And Labels

Tracking and monitoring your physical assets can be made much more convenient and manageable when you use custom asset tags. While there are great options for custom wholesale label printing – many offering a good price and satisfactory value for money, you should first consider the type of tag that best meets your needs.
  • Asset labels made of foil: If you have to track a variety of assets, these commonly used labels work well in many cases.
  • Polyester labels: These are great for movable heavy furniture, equipment and computers.
  • Removable tags: If you are looking for only short-term asset identification, go for the removable options.
  • Two-part asset labels: These contain a second tab and both have identical numbers that can go into your records.
  • Durable bar-code tags: These are ideal for industrial environments and can be easily integrated into the warehouse management system.
  • Aluminum asset tags: Go with Print fixed asset tags made of aluminum when you want the best durability - these can withstand the harshest fluctuations in temperature and harsh environments.
  • Tamper evident labels: When security and safety are of most importance, these are a great choice. These labels flash the term “VOID” on the surface of those assets if tampering has occurred.
So, the kind of tags or labels that you choose depends on your needs - the kind of assets you’re tracking, the period for which you need to track, and the environment in which they would be placed.

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