Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Looking For Tamper Proof Labels Printing? Keep These Things In Mind

For many industries, a product is successfully packaged only when it can be considered tamper proof.  In short, tamper proof labels and stickers make it reasonably obvious to the consumer if the product has been accessed or altered after leaving the packaging facility.

Most importantly, a tamper proof sticker ensures customer safety by ensuring the safety of food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other FMCG products. Apart from that, it also helps manufacturers of devices like smartphones, televisions and other electronics to prevent their devices from getting tampered for any terms of warranty violations. So, a tamper proof label automatically increases the authenticity and sanctity of any product.

So if you are selling products which require a good quality temper evident seal, you must look for an excellent tamper proof labels printing service. However, there are certain things you must keep in mind:

Consider the Product
First and foremost consider the product for which you are going to get tamper evident sticker because the concept of one size fits all is not applicable here. If you are selling a food item, the requirements will be very different than a label designed to prevent tampering with an electronic device.

Select the Correct Adhesive
There are several factors which should be considered before selecting the right adhesive for your tamper proof packaging. For example, where the label will be applied, the temperature of the package, the environment and application of the packaging and the quality or material from which the packaging is made.

After considering all these factors carefully, select the adhesive. Always chose the adhesive having tamper evident quality to ensure the tampered marks are always left in case of any tampering with the product. There are also certain labels which leave the sign of “void/tampered” once removed from their place.

Bar Coding
Bar coded tamper proof labels are used in shipping items or to keep track of inventory. They are created in sync with the computerized system of the company to ensure they are safely delivered to the end user.

Age Of The Label
It depends on the kind of products or business requirement. Some products like electronic gadgets require the tamper proof seal for the time they are in warranty which could be anything between 1 to 5 years and some packaging like a courier delivery box requires it maximum 2-3 months. Decide accordingly.

The next time you look for wholesale of custom roll labels, keep these things in minds to get the right label for your product.

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