Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What Does A Nameplate Say About Your Product?

Though a nameplate may not put the entire story in picture, it says a lot about a particular product when it comes to brand identity. Whether it’s about conveying some messages to employees or providing the customers important piece of information about a product, one has to abide by the nameplates for inventory and identification purposes. 

Why are nameplates significant to industries? Assume, you are a manufacturer of electric motors. You will not possibly understand the importance of nameplates unless you think as a service technician. Think of the challenges you might face as a service technician when replacing a customer’s electric motor. How will you determine which replacement motor is suitable for application? Often, a motor’s metal nameplate can assist you in making the right selection. 

The story of nameplates is not just about stamping motors with the right piece of information; it’s more an industrial thing.  No matter which industry you are part of or what is manufactured at your industrial facility, nameplates convey a purpose. From aerospace to the military, manufacturing to medical and telecommunications to the electrical industry, this is always necessary to provide key information about a product and vital safety details both for consumers and equipment operators. 

Nameplates actually enable a product to introduce itself to a consumer and operator - what it is, what is its capacity, which year it was manufactured and which manufacturer it belongs to. All the information and details marked on a nameplate are of great significance when it comes to ensuring the ease of identification. 

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