Monday, 13 August 2018

Get Approved UL Labels For Your Products, With The Top Manufacturer In Florida

Before enquiring of how you can get a UL Label for your product(s), we first should understand, what are UL Labels and why are they so important in the printing and manufacturing industry. By pure definition, for testing, inspection, certification, auditing, and further validation a UL label is compulsory as well as crucial, considering UL is the biggest and the most prominent global leader regarding the quality of a product or material.

To make sure that your product is sufficient and rightly brought into the market, a UL label along with a mix of other marks and labels is mandatory. This single most accepted label or certification mark in the United States appears on 22 billion products annually.

With three decades of experience in the industry, Data Graphics, Inc. is wholly authorized to produce and print UL labels for various specific industries, and they are masters in producing the TYPE R and TYPE L labels, which primarily serve the military, medical, manufacturing, aerospace, and telecommunications industries.

With Data Graphics’ state-of-the-art printing facility you can vouch for labels being printed in diverse materials, depending upon the different set of requirements. Choose from the following elements:

1. Aluminum
2. Metalphoto
3. Vinyl
4. Polycarbonate
5. Polyester

Choose any one of the following and get easy printing requirements to reach you on time - with Data Graphics, Inc.

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