Tuesday, 17 September 2019

4 Significant Elements for Designing Industrial Safety Labels

Designing an industrial safety label is crucial. It should simplify actions, which will make people aware of objects around them. It should provide workers a better idea of what to do and what not. There are common traffic symbols, specific colors, shapes and written content that are capable of making a notable difference in how people interpret a safety label. These features can even save a life. If you’re looking for custom metal photo printing to print your products safely label, you can pay attention to these few important elements of safety label design to stay compliant and safe.
  • Content
It is significant that the safety and warning labels should convey exactly what a person needs to know and do to avoid any kind of mishap. The content should be action-oriented and should tell the user precisely what will happen if they don’t follow instructions.
  • Pictures
Pictogram symbol is another feature you should include in your safety label design. It is important for any person who can’t read the labels native language. A good pictogram always conveys a severe hazard for the reader to avoid.
  • Signal word
This is similar to a headline that will grab someone’s attention. A signal word such as “Warning” can communicate both the probability and severity of the consequence. 
  • Durability
Finally, when you look for a service to print your label, make sure you go for a durable material that will stand up to the elements. You can also consider choosing squared or rounded corners that will prevent dangerous handling.

The user’s safety should be a priority. Make sure you consider these elements of safety label design when you look for custom metal photo printing to design and print your product’s label. 

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