Monday, 4 May 2020

Everything You Must Know About Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper-evidence is often confused with its tamper-resistance, also called partner-in-packaging. While in reality, tamper-evident labeling has one or more entry barriers to provide a consumer with visible evidence that the product has been manipulated. They offer proof of tampering. They crack, snap, or tear each time someone tries to mess with them. So, this kind of label can prevent people from manipulating your products before they buy them. It also alerts other customers, telling them that the product might not be safe to purchase.

Benefits of using tamper-proof labels printing 

Brand Integrity

Counterfeiting of the goods is rife. These days it is not just the slippers that are fake! This creates a negative impact on brands, especially, as you want to maintain certain standards of quality. Tamper-proof labels would allow customers to distinguish between the original and the fake.

Consumer Loyalty

During shipping, TEP will shield the product from opening and help in identifying damaged products. Holding them covered in sturdy and attractive packaging is also a no-brainer for your customers. By incorporating tamper-evidence, you demonstrate a genuine concern for the purchaser's well-being, and that can create customer loyalty.

Extra Level of Security

Tamper-resistant labels are useful for detecting product changes. Also, with a sealed package, upon leaving the manufacturing plant, you'll never know if the product is changed. It is particularly relevant in the medical field, where goods need to be sterile. It means that if a drug or device mark has already been tampered with, there is a possibility that the substance will already be revealed, which will make it unfit for use.

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