Tuesday, 16 June 2020

When It Comes To Impact Resistance, No Overlay Can Surpass Polycarbonate Overlay

For applications that call for greater mechanical strength and amazing optical clarity, polycarbonate overlays should be the obvious choice for them. They can be comfortably die-cut, provide dimensional stability, and deal effectively against threats such as corrosive chemicals, heat, stains, and abrasion. Polycarbonate overlays are famous for their amazing resistance against heavy impacts due to their heavier thickness. Not just that, they are the ideal solution for tools and items where transparency is highly required as it is a naturally transparent material.

Why Should You Choose Polycarbonate Overlays?

  • With polycarbonate overlays, graphics can be screen printed or digitally printed on the second surface in order to get high durability
  • It provides a good amount of light transmission and low levels of haze values. It is perfect for hosting clear windows
  • You can easily expect an exterior life of as much as 5 years with polycarbonate overlays. When using these overlays, do know that long term outdoor use is not recommended
  • As mentioned in the starting paragraph, you can expect these overlays to effectively deal with all sorts of chemicals, flames, and heat. As far as heat is concerned, these overlays can endure as much as 220 degrees of Fahrenheit. There is a form of polycarbonate overlay known as Fire Retardant polycarbonate that is quite capable of dealing with high temperatures or fires

Out of all the overlays, there is only one reliable solution for impact resistance and that is polycarbonate overlays. They are chiefly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, safety, etc.

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