Tuesday, 7 July 2020

How To Choose The Right Material For Equipment Overlays And Nameplates?

Whether you’re an electronics designer, food processing equipment manufacturer or producer of components of medical devices, standing out among the competitors is extremely important.
Besides maintaining the quality, you need to pay heed to enhance the product. And, one of the most effective ways to archive this is by adding customized graphics.

When it comes to finalizing the overlay design, there are plenty of essential things you need to consider, for instance, the material. You have to select a material that is best for your product’s aesthetics, function, and overall quality. 

The material that you select will not only depend on your budget, but also on the type of environment - where your equipment will be used. In general, the two most common materials - polycarbonate and polyester - are used for industrial overlays. To know more about them, read below:


Polycarbonate is an excellent choice when you need a material resistant to moisture, heat, strains, abrasion, corrosive chemicals, and UV rays. It is immensely used for embossed keypads, overlays, caution and warning labels, dead-front panels, decorative trim, and nameplates. Most people prefer polycarbonate because it offers versatility and durability in nearly all environments and applications. 


Polyester is an exceptional choice when you need a material resistant to high temperatures up to 148°C (300°F). Even in outdoor environments, which are prone to scratches and abrasion, or corrosives and chemicals, the material offers durability and reliability. Polyester makes an excellent choice for switches and keypads that required constant pushing, flexing, and dimensional stability. Mostly, it is used for caution and warming panels, LED panels, overlays, keypads, serial tags, and double-sided decals. 

As choosing materials for pressure-sensitive labels, overlays and nameplates for industrial equipment can be challenging, connect with a reputed label manufacturer for the right equipment decals. Experts of the printing industry use their knowledge and expertise to create ideal embossed labels for your products.

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