Wednesday, 7 October 2020

What You Must Know About Die Cutting In Printing Business?


A die is a sharp steel blade designed to cut, design, or shape materials by pressing in the printing process. Henceforth, die cutting refers to an act of using a sharp die to cut various objects such as foam, paper, rubber, cloth, metal sheets, cardstock, plastics, and other substances that can be designed into different cuts. If you have a business that involves cutting design concepts, look for the die cutting labels for your printing business. There are experienced companies that specialize in the development of high-quality dies for production and printing.

How does die cutting works?

Die cutting involves sharp blades installed above a strong base constructed to hold the object. The patterns and shapes are placed on a platform or a crafting table. A die cutting machine comes in different designs and sizes. Big manufacturing units use heavy machines with various functions, while individuals who have die cutting work as a hobby use small machines. For example, if you want to cut a flower shape out of cardstock, you may need an oven size die cutting machine. When you are purchasing this machine, check out the styles and functions so you can choose the right machine for your requirements. 


There are custom die cutting machines that can do multiple tasks in the manufacturing process. They are capable of doing the following:

Cutting shapes in any required size.

Tracing colors and cut around them.

Drawing and making a layout of the shape.

Piercing the material to make holes.

Carving or cutting designs on a hard surface.

Embossing to give the design a “pop-out” effect.

So, in case you own a printing business that requires different die cut labels, you can contact die cutting services who will provide you the required die for your business. 

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