Tuesday, 24 November 2020

3 Common Lable Mistakes You Probably Want To Avoid


Lable design isn’t a walk in the park. Though every project is complex, some projects require more attention and time than others. But an experienced and reliable industrial label printer can significantly reduce the likelihood of making mistakes in designs. Here we have compiled a list of the most common labels mistakes that you would undeniably want to avoid for better customer engagement and profit margin.

Label colors are off

There could be plenty of reasons why the color of the finished label is different from the artwork on the screen. From bad color configuration and improper calibration of the press to inadequate lamination and varnish - there are endless possibilities that could distort the color. As color uniformity is essential for branding, clearly communicate with the design team about your color quality expectations. If you are using a substrate or laminate, get a press proof to be sure what the final product looks like before you give a nod to the production run.

Blurry Image

A printer or file error could result in blurry images. Print errors happen due to errors when PDF is saved, while file errors are a result of using photographic images of low resolution. When an image is enlarged beyond its maximum resolution, the result is often a pixelated, blurry image. The best solution is to use vector images that designers can resize at will without compromising the resolution. When you are uncertain about the image quality, consider checking it up with the designer’s team first. They will tell you whether the image is printable or not.

Labels do not perform

Perhaps your labels look exactly how you were expecting when you get them, but they do not perform very well. Getting scratched during the shipping process, falling off when wet, and turning colors due to sun exposure - are common culprits behind poorly performing labels. No company owner likes to be stuck with faulty labels; therefore, it is best to communicate with your industrial label printer and inform the use and application of your product. Will it be used indoor or outdoor? Will it be refrigerated or exposed to heat? Or Will it be shipped around? Make sure you give them as much detail as possible so that they could select appropriate substrate and adhesive for your products.

Keep these common label mistakes in mind the next time you will get in touch with industrial label printers near you. 

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